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Hrithik Roshan refused to work in 'Pink Panther' sequel
[Mon Aug 20, 2007]

Bollywood's superman Hrithik Roshan refused to work in Hollywood's mega budget film. Hrithik had offered a role in Pink Partner sequel. Hrithik refused to work in it because he didn't like his role very much.

Hrithik had offered the role of detective assistant Vincent in 'Pink Panther 2', while the detective Clouseau's role will be played by Hollywood actor Steve Martin. Hrithik was offered a role as Steve Martin's co-star.

Hrithik was first excited about the film as he is a great fan of Steve Martin, but later when he found that his role is not that substantial, he politely refused the film despite it being a mega budget Hollywood film. Hrithik's role will now be played by Andy Garcia.

Hrithik's father and director Rakesh Roshan confirmed the news saying, "Yes, Hrithik was offered Andy Garcia's role, but it didn't excite him much."

Interestingly, Aishwarya Rai has also been approached one role in Pink Partner 2 and she has agreed to do the film. Sources say that Aishwarya accepted the film because she believed that Hrithik will also do the film. But later when she found out that Hrithik has refused to do it, she was extremely disappointed.