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World Cup winning cricketers are the real heroes says Shah Rukh
[Fri Sep 28, 2007]

The 'Chak De!' effect is reflecting everywhere. Indian women Hockey team recently won the Asian Cup and now Indian cricket team also won the ICC Twenty20 World Cup. The 'Chak De India' star, Shah Rukh was also present for the final match of Twenty20 World Cup along with son Aryan.

'Chak De India' film is based on hockey. In which Shah Rukh played a coach to Indian women team, whose guidance helps the team to won the world cup. The real life Indian women hockey team admitted that they saw the film before the tournament and it helped them to boost their confidence.

Also when Shah Rukh learnt that Indian cricket team reached the finals of Twenty20 World Cup, he immediately made his mind to go to South Africa to cheer up Team India. After the electrifying win Shah Rukh said that cricketers Mahendra Singh Dhoni and, before him, Kapil Dev, who brought glory to the nation by scooping the 1983 World Cup, as the real heroes of the country.

Refusing the thing that his film 'Chak De India' has brought this enthusiasm in sports, Shah Rukh said, "In fact, it is the other way round. It is from people like Kapil Dev and Dhoni that we draw inspirations for films like 'Chak De India' and not the other way round."

Shah Rukh later said that he had a strong belief that Team India would win the Twenty20 World Cup.

"My son and I strongly believed all through the final between India and Pakistan that India would win. At no point of time did we feel that India would lose. Fortunately for us, our young cricketing heroes proved us right."

"I was very small when the Indian team won the cricket World Cup in 1983. But now I wanted my son to watch closely our young cricketing heroes battling it out in the cricket field. Fortunately for us we were not disappointed," added Shah Rukh.

Shah Rukh feels very happy for being part of such a historic event.

"I am also happy that this win by the Indian cricket team as well as the brilliant show by the Pakistani cricket team has given the much-needed fillip to sport in the subcontinent and brought cricket back to the centrestage after the unfortunate loss at the 2007 cricket World Cup," SRK said.

When SRK asked that which is better between World Cup in 1983 and the Twenty20 World Cup, Shah Rukh said, "I would not like to make any comparison. A win is a win. In that sense, the present win is as cherished as the 1983 win."