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Chandrachur Singh

Chandrachur Singh

Information On Chandrachur Singh
Name:Chandrachur Singh
Nick Name:Rocky
Address:6th Floor, Oakland Park , near Lokhandwala Complex, Versova, Mumbai 400 061
Date of Birth: 11th October 1968
Height: 6"
Debut Film:Tere Mere Sapne

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Chandrachur Singh's Profile

Chandrachur Singh, the doe-eyed actor was born on 11th Oct '68. It's a phenomenon that after six years of unhappy existence in Bollywood and after taking a decision of going back was he taken aback to get an opportunity in a project that had given him a break and a chance to prove himself again.

Chandrachur Singh

In fact, the film industry is just one destination for him but it didn't embrace him for six years in spite of all the sweat he put in and that's the reason behind his decision to quit the WOOD and go to his old profession to teach music when ABCL approached him with a project which he readily grabbed as he was looking for one. The movie "Tere Mere Sapne" offered by ABCL in which he was an NRI was enough to prove himself and it was a superb hit at the box office.

Later - he was known as Chandrachur 'Maachis' Singh in Bollywood as his next movie 'Maachis' won him all the glory he was overwhelmed with and in a night he was the craze of girls. He won VIDEOCON SCREEN and FILMFARE awards for the display of his performance in 'MAACHIS' that boosted up his morale to act and survive in the field.

Singh co-acted with the best actors and actresses in Bollywood to date. Though his movie 'Sil Sila Hain Pyar Ka' with Karishma Kapoor was an average, he had a lot in that film to exhibit his acting capabilities. And he wasn't stern for the loss of six years in the industry nor was he looking for excuses but he fought back to get a place in the tough competition of Bollywood and now he's still there to give the best and prove himself time n again.

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