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Feroz Khan

Feroz Khan

Information On Feroz Khan
Name:Feroz Khan
Date of Birth:25 September 1939
Family:Son- Fardeen Khan
Feroz Khan's Profile

Bollywood actor, producer, director, Feroz Khan was (and still is) one H-I-P dude and that means hip in big garish capital letters. He was (and still is) considered a filmi stylist that used tricky camera work, angles and lenses, bold funky music, and lots of woman in sexy verging on exploitation Western-trash outfits. "Dharmatma"(1975) and "Qurbani"(1979) two films that he acted in and directed are considered kitsch classics of action/exploitation film-making.

Feroz Khan

In his movies Feroz Khan pushed the envelope of cheese and propriety and packaged it as hard hitting social drama spiced with erotic violence and chest pounding sentimentality all enveloped in a Bolly-funk-disco beat. Feroz Khan was kitsch and he did it with a lot of relish, lots of mustard and relish. He was 'Arty' in that very special disco 'Arty' 70s way and also in that very unique Bollywood way, devoid of irony or self conscious parody.

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