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Kimi Katkar

Kimi Katkar

Information On Kimi Katkar
Name:Kimi Katkar
Date of Birth:11 December
Family:Husband-Shantanu Sheroy
Kimi Katkar's Profile

Kimi kept a low profile though her role opposite The Big B in Hum brought her into limelight. She preferred a quiet married life to the razzmatazz of the tinsel world by tying the knot with photographer Shantanu Sheroy.

Actress of yesteryears Kimi Katkar has agreed to do a show on the small screen although she has been refusing offers from Bollywood.

The chumma-chumma lady will co-host a food show along with the famous Karen Anand. Besides recipe formulae, this show will cover related fields like hospitality, nutrition and home care.

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