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Nandita Das

Nandita Das

Information On Nandita Das
Name:Nandita Das
Date of Birth: 7th November, 1969
Family:Father-Jatin Das
Debut Film:Pariniti-1987
Nandita Das's Profile

Nandita Das is an extremely versatile actress and has been most famous for her controversial role in Deepa Mehta's "Fire" opposite Shabana Azmi involving a lesbian relationship. Nandita's father is the famous Indian painter Jatin Das and Her mother is a writer. Nandita had to shave off her head for the role of Janaki in "Water". Some of her other brilliant performances include "Rockford", "Aks", "Earth", "Pitaah"

Nandita Das

She had to cut off her hair for her role as Janaki in Water(2001) . Unlike most Indian actors, she refused to move to Bombay ("Bollywood") and still lives in Delhi.

She started acting with a street theatre group called Jannatya Manch and did this for six years. She was teaching at the Rishi Valley School (started by J. Krishnamurti). After she did her Master's in Social Work, she started working with an NGO called Ankur and then for Alarippu, a children's organisation which is about making education more enjoyable for children from underprivileged home

Filmography:Nandita Das
  • 1998 FIRE
  • 1999 1947-EARTH
  • 1999 ROCKFORD
  • 2000 HARI BHARI
  • 2001 AKS
  • 2001 BAWANDAR
  • 2002 LAL SALAAM
  • 2002 PITAAH
  • 2003 EK DIN 24 GHANTE
  • 2003 BUS YUN HI
  • 2003 SUPARI
  • 2003 Kagaar
  • 2003 Shubho ahurat

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