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Information On Rambha
Date of Birth:5th June
Family:Mother-Usha Rani,Father-Venkateswara Rao,Brother-Vasu(Srinivas),Elder Sister-Bhanu
Rambha's Profile

LOVELY faced, beautiful, buxom and thunder-thighed Rambha makes the front benchers and balcony audiences alike go into raptures by her sheer sex appeal. She has a rare combination of an innocent face and a sensuous body that makes the male of the species squirm in their seats out of sheer delight.

C Sundar introduced Rambha in Tamil film Ullathai Alli Tha (Give me your heart). And the audience gave away their hearts to this sexy siren who sang “I love you love you sonnale" clad in a red micro mini which flew up in the air, a la Marilyn Monroe's famous photograph that stunned the world. “I saw that film hundred times just for the scene where Rambha walks stylishly with her frock flying up in the air," admits one fan sheepishly.

Rambha Rambha became a star overnight. Ullathai Alli Tha's stupendous success aroused a lot of expectations and her next film Sundara Purushan was with Livingstone, a well-known villain. Surprisingly, the film that was meant to be a flop clicked in a big way. Rambha’s fans say that the entire credit for the success should go to her and her revealing costumes. Clad in white saris, she would get drenched at the drop of a hat. She allowed herself to be photographed from unconventional angles, revealing all her "oomph"! What more does a front bencher want?

  • 1995 Sajana Doli Leke Aana
  • 1995 Jallad
  • 1996 Jurmana
  • 1996 Daanveer
  • 1996 Jung
  • 1997 Judwa
  • 1997 Qahar
  • 1998 Gharwali Baharwali
  • 1998 Bandhan
  • 1999 Main Tere Pyar mein Pagal
  • 2000 Beti No.1
  • 2000 Krodh
  • 2001 Kyo Kii.. Main jhuth Nahin Bolta

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